expressive arts therapy

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Beauty and terror, joy and suffering, come together in the therapeutic aesthetics of expressive arts therapy. This is an ecstatic experience which takes us out of our immersion in every day life and opens us up to a new vision of existence.
- Paolo J. Knill

Expressive arts help people discover just what forms of expression will be self-regulating, communicate their experiences in reparative ways, imagine restorative narratives, and ultimately support recovery.
- Cathy Malchiodi 

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...but what is it?

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Expressive Arts Therapy is an intermodal multi-arts approach under the creative psychotherapy umbrella. It is a combination of talking and making.


Expressive Art Therapy is a therapy practice in which the therapist facilitates a creative process by using multiple arts modalities. You may engage with visual art, drawing, painting, collaging, working with clay, storytelling, sound, music, creative writing, drama, performance, movement, clowning, and more.


The therapist acts as collaborator, witness, and space holder. They offer suggestions and guidance navigating images that come up. The healing itself occurs in the process of making. It is less about what you make, but rather the journey of creating. By accessing your imagination, you have the possibility of healing through the arts via expression. We are inherently creative beings, but as we grow into adulthood, our intuition around our creativity is often silenced. Getting back into yourself, taping into exploring what may be difficult to put into words, can be empowering and therapeutic when done through creative means with a certified expressive arts therapist.

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I am a member in good standing with the Ontario Expressive Art Therapy Association