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an exploration mental illness, disability, and social isolation during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I began exploring the various ways that pigments interact with each other. I created a definite boundary out of water in a comforting cocoon shape for the colours to dance with each other in a confined way, much like the ways we are encouraged to continue to be social, but at a distance, inside the walls of our homes. This project allowed me to think about the  ways in which inclusion and accessibility shifted due to the larger population needing it to happen promptly while disabled folx have been advocating for more basic accessibility space for decades. During the course of this project, I was able to attend the most personal development and creative workshops that I had in my entire life due to my access needs finally being met.

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an exploration of clay, “dreamtime”, Capitalism, and mental illness

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During their time at SFU, alongside SFU’s SVSPO educator and artist Paola Quiros, Heather co-created the group ARThrive: a space for survivors of sexualized violence to explore art together. Collaborating on creating a space that prompted healing, exploration, and reclamation, it lit a fire in Heather to pursue expressive arts therapy. Their time spent building the structure of ARThrive is celebrated in the self-published book titled PATHWAYS & PROCESS available at the SFSS Women's Centre Library. 


an arts based healing exploration

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