accessibility & accountability

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financial accessibility

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Accessing therapy should not be a financial burden for anyone. Everyone should have access to mental health resources as a basic human right. Sliding scale is available to those who need it, so please let me know if you require assistance in payment. 

Sliding scale rates
60 minutes - $30 - $80

90 minutes - $50 - $110
30 minute scribble check in - $10 - $30

For any inquiries about sliding scale or where you may fit on the scale, kindly email me at

Please do take me up on this offer if you need it.

Please note, a small number of *free* therapy sessions are reserved for folx who are low income, QTBIPOC, and/or disabled. These should be accessed by people who have barriers to accessing even the sliding scale costs.

sliding scale

settler accountability

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I acknowledge that I am a settler of European descent that has directly benefited from residing on unceded Indigenous land. As such, it is my responsibility to continue to learn and unlearn the damage ancestral settlers have caused in immigrating/colonizing to "Canada" and to continue to learn through reading, listening to, seeing, engaging, and collaborating with Indigenous creators, makers, and land/water protectors. 

Although I try to model an accessible therapy practice, I acknowledge that as a white person, I may still be perceived as dangerous/un-safe to persons of colour.  I can aid in helping you find a suitable BIPOC therapist to walk with you in your healing. It is important that you feel safe within your therapeutic relationship.

In hopes to offer a more decolonial, anti-capitalist therapy practice, if you are someone who feels discomfort from receiving reduced rates in therapy or free therapy, and would like to exchange art, baked goods/food, art supplies, or other items that you make, I am incredibly open to having a non-monetary exchange. For more information about establishing a trade-system, please email:

community accountability

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In the community work that I do, including, but not limited to, public workshops that I hold, I will work towards creating a safer space for those who access these sessions. I do not tolerate any form of violence or hate speech. I will ensure I complete diligent checks with the artist educators, collaborators, and/or venue spaces I work with prior to having you access the therapeutic space.

Whenever possible, I will strive to support small community-based organizations and as I build my therapy practice, I look forward on establishing strong community partnerships. 

Partial proceeds from each group session will be donated to the The Kettle Society in memory of my dad as well as in the name of the sister of a close friend, who although are not physically with us, continue to impact those who love them. Mental health advocacy and activism is incredibly important to me and I hope by continuing to normalize the deep complex nature of mental health struggles, people will feel more open to sharing their story and are met in a non-stigmatized, compassionate way.


For more information on becoming a collaborator or community partner, kindly email: