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my story

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my pronouns are


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 I grew up in the garden. My grandma grew (and still grows) a wildly fantastic cottage garden. She taught (and continues to teach me) the names of flowers growing around our community. My Nonno sold red geraniums that he grew to the community from the driveway. My Nonna dried beans from the garden to make weeks worth of minestrone soup to freeze. 
The name Fioritura is a love letter to my network, my mycelium.

I have walked many paths and have experienced issues that my clients may be experiencing as well. I am neurodivergent (ADHD/ADD and Autistic). I have survived gender based domestic violence. I have experienced internalized homophobia, gender dysphoria, and body issues. I am a survivor of suicide loss and am grieving the loss of someone in my immediate family. I believe that grief lasts forever and that our relationship(s) with our loved one(s) can continue in new and exciting ways.

I fully believe that creativity is a basic human right and that when we have access to our creative selves, we are able to process some of the complex things we experience as humans that can't be put into words.

Things that give me life: being queer, being a cat mum, being an auntie to baby Jack, the Twilight saga, Studio Ghibli films, gardening barefoot with my mum, making art, snoozing in the sun, walks that lead to no particular destination, baking bread in my late Nonna's kitchen, learning and unlearning, cooking for people that I love.


fioritura is the Italian word for bloom

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Photographer: M, student client

my background

I am a white settler of Italian and Ukrainian descent, a neurodivergent, queer, nonbinary, reclaiming Strega, and small-fat human that uses and celebrates lived experience to influence how I show up for my clients and the community. 

I hold a BA in Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies and Dialogue in Communications from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, BC and a post-baccalaureate Expressive Arts Therapy certification from Langara College in Vancouver, BC.
I am a certified End of Life Doula through Douglas College in Coquitlam, BC.
I have received hospice and palliative volunteer training from Burnaby Hospice Society.

I am a forever learner and un-learner, a multi-media visual artist, and someone that sometimes writes.

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my approach

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Photographer: Calvin Gehlen

I work from a trauma-informed, strengths based perspective and am grounded fully in expressive arts therapy and psychotherapy. I utilize queer and disability theory and approach my work in a disability affirming way. I draw on I fully utilize my background in visual arts and regularly experiment with art materials to better guide you in your exploration.  I am particularly inspired by nature, and naturally occurring materials, so a session with me may include foraging for natural elements that you feel connected to. I draw on experiential and intuitive methods, I will work with you as witness, supporter, and facilitator. I work with you from a place of curiosity, wonder, and do not analyze your work.
I am influenced through a feminist, anti-oppressive, and queer understanding of the world.

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I believe in Indigenous Sovereignty and that means Land Back.

Black Lives Matter.

We must actively dismantle the historical and ongoing violence caused by white supremacy. 
It means giving reparations to Black and Indigenous community members, especially if you have learned something from them.
10% of earned income is redistributed to mutual aid and grassroots 
initiatives. A number of free sessions are available to Black and Indigenous folx. 

Book an appointment by
emailing hello.fioritura[at]gmail.com